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    Here is an update of how the College will approach re-opening:

  • Entry: Everyone who enters the NYCPM and FCNY buildings must wear face masks, which will be available at entrances, and all who enter will have their temperature taken at the door. Those with a temperature over 100.4 degrees F will be denied entry.
  • Student education: large lectures will continue to be delivered online while small recitations and workshops will occur onsite. Testing remains remote but henceforth will depend on decisions by department heads.
  • Student clinical rotations are elective until the end of June. NYCPM clerkships will resume beginning July 6th. Students will start externships June 29th in accordance with the National Clerkship Calendar.
  • FCNY resumes regular hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8am-4pm; Wednesday 8am-6:00pm.
  • Poster Day will be virtual. Posters will be displayed on the library website.
  • The Registrarís Office continues to function.
  • Financial aid documents should go to
  • The APMLE examinations for 2020 are currently underway. The final part II exam (for the class of 2020) was conducted in May, and the part III exam was delivered to more than 300 individuals in June. Both were delivered in modified and specially prepared venues allowing for necessary social distancing. Part I is expected to deploy in July with a modified timing window.
  • The NYCPM library will physically re-open on July 6, with new protocols. Resources continue to be available online. Please visit for Resources on COVID-19.
  • NYCPM and FCNY continue enhanced cleaning and disinfection by housekeeping.
  • Any students, faculty or staff who have fever, sore throat or cough should not come to campus, but should contact their doctor for guidance and report their status to the College. If observed to have these symptoms onsite they will be sent home.

    Thank you,

    Michael J. Trepal, DPM, FACFAS Professor of Surgery Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean New York College of Podiatric Medicine

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    Featured DPM

    Jordan DeHaven, DPM ('07)

    I have the honor to introduce to you Jordan DeHaven, DPM, alumnus of NYCPM Class of 2007. Dr. DeHaven is a native of Portage, Indiana, found on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. He attended Purdue University Northcentral Campus in Westville, Indiana, where he was initially an education major. He soon realized that that was not the right career choice for him and switched to a major in biology with a chemistry minor. Because of this switch, his graduation date changed to mid-way through the next semester, making him a perfect candidate for the January class at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM); he enrolled right after graduation.

    Dr. DeHaven was drawn to the field of podiatry after noting the variety of patients that can be seen on a daily basis. He knew he enjoyed working with his hands and surgery was something he was sure he wanted to do. NYCPM was the right fit for several reasons. Dr. DeHaven had always loved New York City, and the schoolís location provided a chance to get out of the Midwest. The podiatry clinic located at NYCPM was a deciding factor, as well as the opportunity to start immediately in January as opposed to waiting until the following year to apply.

    Life as a podiatry student was enjoyable for Dr. DeHaven. He appreciated the learning environment, made great friends, and explored New York City. The friends he made as a student are still his great colleagues today and they discuss cases with each other almost daily. As a student, he was a member of the SNPMA and ACFAS clubs.

    Dr. DeHaven attended Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island for his podiatric residency, a program that provided a lot of variety in his training. He wanted to be trained in all aspects of podiatry, from complicated rear foot to the very simple procedures. He feels that he received all of that at Roger Williams. At that time, fellowship training was still in its infancy, so he went directly into the work force. He would, however, strongly recommend a fellowship, stating that it can be hugely beneficial and that further education is always of value.

    His practice today, located in multiple locations in Rhode Island, is broad-spectrum and he feels he has the ability to treat anything and everything. He finds his work extremely rewarding and he primarily likes having the ability to alleviate a patientís pain in one visit. When patients walks into his office with discomfort, he takes pride in having them leave without said pain and with an explanation for it. He noted he canít see himself doing anything different and that the friendships that heís made within podiatry have been long-lasting. He is also Residency Director for the Roger Williams Medical Center.

    On a personal note, Dr. DeHaven enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, Tami and two great boys, Adam and Myles. They have a cat named Lilly. You can find the DeHavens vacationing in New Hampshire, where the mountains and the surrounding nature are amazing.

    By Megan Mitchell, Class of 2023
    Student Alumni Representative


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