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CPME Required Outcomes — March 1, 2024 Percent
Number of students passing exam/Total number taking exam
Part I APMLE: 3-year Average Pass Rate 2021-2023 232/255 91%
Part II APMLE: 3-year Average Written Pass Rate 2021-2023 209/209 100%
Number of students graduating/number who entered the program
Four-year Graduation Rate (2021-2023 average) 181/263 69%
Number of students entering residency/total number of graduates
Residency Placement Rate (2021-2023 average) 209/209 100%

Graduation Rate: The total number of students who graduated from a school or college of podiatric medicine within 4 years, divided by the number of new (not repeat) students attending at the 2 week point at the beginning of the first year/first semester.

Residency Placement Rate: The total number of students in a graduating class placed in a residency program divided by the total number of graduates.

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