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Ami Parikh, DPM and Stanley Idiculla, DPM

By Priam Sandilya, Class of 2019

Stanley Idiculla, DPM, graduated from NYCPM in 2004. He had attended the University of Pittsburgh and double-majored in neuroscience and philosophy. His grandmother's struggle with diabetes and foot and ankle complications influenced him to explore a career in podiatry.

Dr. Idiculla went to West Penn Hospital for his residency and then to Alliance Community Hospital, where he was the chief resident, to complete his Podiatric Medicine and Surgery-36 residency program.

In his first year of residency he began to truly appreciate all of the hands-on experience he had gained while studying at NYPCM. He recalled an instance during his first month of residency, when he was on a general rotation and got to be a part of a neurosurgical case. In order to decide which resident would be able to scrub in, the residents were grilled by their chief resident. They needed to demonstrate knowledge of sterility techniques and how to properly scrub in for the case. After scrubbing in so many times and receiving the proper training as a student, this was "a cakewalk" according to Dr. Idiculla.

During this exercise he truly realized how ahead of the game he was compared to the other residents. As a student at NYCPM, these challenges had become second nature to him: he knew his instrumentation, demonstrated clinical experience, and in the end got the opportunity to scrub in on the neurosurgery case. The experience he gained at NYCPM was unlike any other; it opened doors for him and he feels helped pave the way for him to become the doctor he is today.

Ami Parikh, DPM, graduated from NYCPM in 2006. She completed her undergraduate degree as a double major in business management and psychology, also at the University of Pittsburgh. She was always interested in both helping others and in entrepreneurship. She quickly realized that being a podiatrist would allow her to explore both of these passions.

Dr. Parikh completed her residency at Morristown Memorial Hospital in NJ (now known as Atlantic Health). This was a three-year residency that provided her with vigorous hands-on training; from day one she was required to perform surgery, which she described as being both scary and exciting at the same time. In her second year she became the chief resident of her program and remained so for two years. Her experiences at Morristown Memorial Hospital were taxing at times but she feels they ultimately made her a confident physician.

Today, Drs. Stanley Idiculla and Ami Parikh are married and have twin girls. They own their own practice in Virginia called Nova Foot and Ankle, which they founded in 2013. This ambitious couple has a strong academic background with extensive training in foot and ankle complex reconstructive surgery. They are both members of the NYCPM Alumni Board.

At NYCPM, Dr. Parikh really enjoyed living in the student housing because she appreciated the sense of community and accountability. At NYCPM she valued all the clinic hours that were required of her because it gave her hands-on experience that would end up being pivotal in making her comfortable and self-assured around patients in the future. Dr. Parikh was the treasurer of the student council at NYCPM and was also a member of many clubs, including the Sports Medicine Club and the American Association of Women in Podiatry.

Dr. Parikh enjoys helping others and seeing how much patients appreciate it when their feet feel better; some patients' ailments are easily fixable in just a few visits. She also appreciates the flexibility of having her own practice. It allows her to set her own schedule and create a better work-life balance. She is especially interested in child development and spends her time volunteering with AWANA and Kids Quest.

Dr. Idiculla was part of the Honor Council at NYCPM and lived at Draper Hall near Metropolitan Hospital. Currently he is the president of the Northern Virginia Podiatric Medical Association, and is also on the RNC Asian Advisory Council. He is the State of Virginia APMA PAC coordinator, and is on the medical advisory board for Fairfax County. Dr. Idiculla also supports our military troops by participating in Operation Kindness.

Dr. Idiculla sees patients of all ages but mostly sees children with a lot of pediatric foot issues. He also deals with sports-related injuries; he treats athletes in high school all the way up to NFL players. He has participated heavily in research pertaining to issues facing diabetic patients and the profession of podiatry, and has received numerous awards for his involvement and contributions both nationally and statewide.

Advice to Students

Dr. Parikh's primary advice to students is to never shy away from being involved in surgery or seeing a patient. She encourages students to read as many journal articles as possible, as these provide students with the foundation to be successful in residency and the confidence to be a great doctor in the future. She notes that podiatry is constantly changing and it is important that we as students stay educated.

Dr. Idiculla encourages students to be passionate about their careers before joining the profession. He notes the importance of shadowing a podiatrist to get an idea of working in the field. He says that finding a mentor will not only help guide you in the right direction, but also possibly open job opportunities after you graduate.

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