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Walk-in Hours
Monday, Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Additional hours may be offered during peak periods: call (212) 410-8429 or (212) 410-8054 for information.

Ordering a Transcript
Transcript requests must be completed and signed in hard copy.  Current students download and print the student transcript request form here, fill out, sign and mail to the Registrar with appropriate fee (see below). Graduates or former students use the graduate/former student transcript request form here with appropriate fee. Completed and signed transcript requests can be faxed to: (212) 722-4918

CASPR Applications
You must visit the CASPR website and follow all instructions. Fill out online forms carefully, including the release for Registrar to forward your transcript, and submit on time. The Registrar will supply your transcript and clinical evaluation  You pay only for the transcript.

  • is the information site.  Look here for documents, timelines, instructions, the Directory and the What’s New page where any changes are posted. 
  • is the communication site.  This is where applicants complete their information, upload documents, make payments, schedule CRIP interviews and receive Match announcements.

Certifications and Letters
The Registrar will certify current/past enrollment status, clinical evaluations,
completion of degree, etc. Download the request for Registrar Service here.


  • Official Transcript (current student) $5.00
  • Unofficial transcript (student copy) 1.00
  • Board Scores (current students only) 5.00
  • Graduate transcript 10.00
  • Verification of Education (Graduates) 10.00
  • State Board Application processing $10.00 minimum*

    *If additional documents are required, relevant fees apply. Refer to the Student Handbook (on this site) for fees and details not listed here.
    Requests are processed only when applicable fees have been paid.  Checks may be mailed to the attention of the Bursar, New York College of Podiatric Medicine, 53 East 124th Street, New York, NY 10035.  Please make clear reference to the transaction that was requested.  Payment may also be made by phone by calling the Bursar at (212) 410-8039 and using an acceptable credit card.

    Fill out requests completely and sign. Some requests can be faxed to the Registrar. Call to see if this applies to your request. Normally the Registrar mails out transcripts and other documents within 72 hours. You can also pick up the document (official transcripts are in sealed envelopes and must reach addressee unopened). If it's an extreme rush we will process the document immediately and Express Mail it. Call for current fee. You can e-mail the Registrar at or

    See Student Handbook on this website for FERPA compliance information.

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