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Podiatric Medical Review

The NYCPM Podiatric Medical Review provides opportunities exclusive to NYCPM students. The meritable goal of the publication is to steer students towards Podiatric research, and to get students comfortable with approaching and analyzing medical literary works. Peer review is conducted with the aim of ensuring that the manuscripts are held with the highest standard. The PMR is a testament to outstanding student work that is readily accessible to podiatric residency programs as well as other schools of podiatric medicine. Ultimately, learning the process of peer-reviewed, scientific writing enhances the education at NYCPM and helps to create well-rounded future clinicians.

Podiatric Medical Review 2018
Podiatric Medical Review 2017
Podiatric Medical Review 2016
Podiatric Medical Review 2015
Podiatric Medical Review 2014
Podiatric Medical Review 2013
Podiatric Medical Review 2012

Student Literary and Arts Magazine

Student Literary and Arts Magazine (S.L.A.M.) is a student-run publication that exhibits student and faculty art, poems, prose, and short stories. It provides an opportunity for students to reveal another aspect of their personality, allowing for a more three-dimensional character development as well as celebrating the rich diversity of the student body and the surrounding neighborhood.

SLAM 2014

Student Alumni Assocation

2013 Student Alumni Report - Spring Edition
2013 Student Alumni Report - Winter Edition
2012 Student Alumni Report - Autumn Edition
2012 Student Alumni Report - Summer Edition
2012 Student Alumni Report - Spring Edition
2012 Student Alumni Report - Winter Edition

Additional Student Publication Opportunities

In addition to the publications mentioned above, opportunities for students in publishing at either the professional or social level include the APMSA First Step and the NYCPM Yearbook Committee.

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